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Auto Repair in Garden City, ID

Garden City, ID, is part of Ada County, surrounded by Boise while maintaining its own municipal government. It covers just over four square miles of land, with a current estimated population nearing 12,000 people.

The city’s only main street is named Chinden Boulevard, a blending of the words “China” and “garden.” Garden City was named for the gardens raised by Chinese immigrants who once lived here. Mostly gone today, this group made a significant contribution to the city’s history. In the late 1940s, a group of businessmen sought to build gambling houses just outside the Boise city limits, prompting Ada County to incorporate the village of Garden City. It was later incorporated as a city in 1967.

Garry’s Automotive is proud to serve Garden City drivers with a full range of vehicle service, from basic maintenance to more extensive procedures. Our experienced and knowledgeable team strives to provide excellent customer care, combined with thorough auto repairs on a wide variety of makes. We invite you to visit our shop on South Cole Road in Boise, where honesty and integrity still matter.

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