Finding The Right Diesel Repair Shop

Today’s diesel engines are environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient, powerful and dependable. Still, they all need regular maintenance and occasional repairs, performed by a diesel repair shop with proper expertise and experience. Don’t run the risk of your diesel engine not starting, or even worse, breaking down on the road. While scheduled maintenance will lower the chance of an issue, increased mileage over time will require the skill and precision of the right diesel repair shop. You’ll find that shop right here in Boise, ID, at Garry’s Automotive.

Your Reliable Diesel Repair Shop

Diesel engine components differ from those of gasoline engines, requiring a diesel repair shop staffed with capable technicians who are well versed in all aspects of diesel repair and service. Here at Garry’s Automotive in Boise, our ASE-Certified technicians know how to handle a wide variety of diesel makes, from economic diesel engines in small cars, to the powerful, high-torque diesels of heavy-duty trucks. Garry’s Automotive is your reliable diesel repair shop for all diesel repairs, including:

  • Injector Repairs
  • Gasket Repairs
  • Cooling System Repair
  • Oil and Oil Filter Changes
  • Spool Valve Failure
  • And much more!

As a full-service diesel repair shop, Garry’s Automotive makes proper troubleshooting our priority, in order to save you time and money. From non-starts to overheating, engine knocks to fluid leaks and everything in between, we will properly diagnose any problem and complete the proper diesel repairs you need. In addition to genuine OEM and top-quality aftermarket parts, Garry’s Automotive always performs comprehensive inspections and reviews all findings with you in detail. We’ll proceed with only the work you approve.

Garry’s Automotive in Boise, ID is your diesel repair shop: We’re ready when you’re ready. Schedule your appointment today!

Diesel Service in Boise, ID
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